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Leonardo Dicaprio To Produce A Captain Planet Movie!

A new report states that Paramount is in talks to acquire the rights to the popular 1990s cartoon, Captain Planet, and is looking to bring on Jono Matt and Glen Powell to pen the script. More interesting is news that Leonardo DiCaprio will join the film as a producer, should Paramount complete its bid to acquire the film rights.

Recent behind-the-scenes rumblings indicate that DiCaprio’s Appian Way has become interested in the project after recently signing a first-look deal with Paramount. Leo’s interest in the project is not surprising, as he is a noted environmentalist who has spoken about climate change in front of the United Nations, as well as utilizing his Oscar acceptance speech to draw attention to the subject.

So if you’re a Captain Planet fan, and remember the environment-friendly superhero, and his five sidekicks (the Planeteers), there is some hope for you, after all.