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The Walking Dead Season 7- Who Did Negan Kill?

The anticipation surrounding a new season of The Walking Dead has never been this high. And it can be attributed to the season 6 finale cliffhanger- one in which Negan has killed a major character, but the identity of his victim is still unknown.

Could it be Daryl? Norman Reedus, the actor playing Daryl, has thrown some considerable nuggets as to whether his character could be Negan’s victim. He’s recently said how fans will be ‘kicking their TV sets’ following the season seven opener, which would certainly be the only rational way to react following Daryl’s demise, and has also cryptically teased ‘mistakes will end your life’ when asked what his character realizes in the season.

Walking Dead fans will already know Glenn is the one to be killed by Negan in the comics, but that’s certainly not guaranteed to happen in the TV show, considering it’s swerved wildly from the source material in the past. Having said that, Glenn still seems like the likeliest victim of Negan.

Actor Michael Cudlitz appeared to confirm he’s set to be sticking around in the show following the premiere in an interview with Popsugar, saying: ‘Abraham will continue for a while now.’ Of course, fans will know Abraham has long been dead in the source material. Cudlitz’s admission could be a swerve, but we are not sure on this one.

When we last saw Maggie she was already incredibly sick and heavily pregnant with Glen’s child, so could the showrunners potentially rip into our emotional gullets by making her the victim to Negan?

Chandler Riggs has barely discussed the matter of whether he’ll be victim to Negan, probably because most signs are pointing to Carl surviving the ordeal.

Regardless of who Negan ends up killing, though, Rick Grimes himself shares some of the blame for their death, at least according to Walking Dead producer Greg Nicotero. During a recent interview with, Nicotero laid out why Rick is partially responsible for the lost member of his group, and the creative opportunities a major death such as this affords the show.

Oh bring on the 7th season already!